Chromebooks and Google Apps in the 1:1 Classroom

Chromebooks are a perfect fit for the classroom

Get lessons faster – Boot cold in 8 seconds

Don’t Worry about charging – 8 hour battery life

Google provides  a management console – see/manage machines and push apps updates to chromebooks.

Multiple Models.  Pricing is affordable.

Google Drive is offline now, so docs can be created and edited offline.  Apps that work offline are available.  The app just needs to be installed into the image of the chrome book.

VDI clilent available for Chromebooks/Chrome – allowing access to VMs with Win 7 OS.

repair estimates ~5000 devices, have had to replace <100 lcd screens.  Replacement LCDs purchased as a parts ~$90 a piece. Most damage has been from students picking up device by lcd.  No reported hinge issues.

Imaging takes 5-10 minutes with thumb drive – teachers are imaging in the classroom.

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