Manage your school on the Cloud effectively with Google Apps


  • Create an adoption plan
  • Identify use cases across your school
  • Obtain buy0in by showcasing the timesaving tools

Set Realistic Goals

  • Determine and define stages of your adoption
  • bite sized chunks
  • measurable success

Keep up to date:

  • 150+ Updates within the last year alone.
  • messaging to users
Professional Development – Google Certified Trainers
  • Training/Consultancy from certified trainers
  • You tube Videos and webinars
  • Google Apps for Education online training center
Join the Conversation
  • K12 south user group
  • North American Technical Group
  • Online EDU discussion forums
Google Apps Training by Boost E-learning
  • On demand instructor led training
  • Accessible anytime anywhere
  • task based
  • Low cost ($10 per teacher – students are free)
Google Apps setup and management – Assign admin rights carefully
  • create administration roles
  • Delegate access
Organize your Users wisely
  • Create appropriate organizations – graduation years is recommended
  • Enable only appropriate services
Track Usage with reports
  • keep track of the activity
  • audit log
  • Publicize milestones
Get techie and ease ongoing management – Learn to use google apps scripts and/os APIs
  • create users, update settings, audit activity
  • Create and update user contacts docs, calendars
  • Automate tasks accross gmail, docs, charts, maps
Cheat with GAM – Google Apps Manager
  • Easy to use python based scripting
  • Print/Extract Group Memberships
  • Upload user photos
Get free Granular control with Flash Panel
  • Email settings policy (signatures/sharing)
  • Rules based user lists
  • contact management
Student management / compliance – Place students in a walled Garden
  • Protect young students from unwanted outside contact
  • Specify approved domains (services like pixton etc.)
Email Options
  • Filters based on objectionable content
  • Standardize external mail footer
  • Setup rules (delegation)
Setup and archive/backup
  • Postini
  • backupify – Docs, Email, Sites and more
  • APIs or sync tools – might be able to use existing infrastructure to backup mailboxes
General Administration – Gain efficiency school wide with Google Calendar
  • General Timetable
  • Personalize - Breakdown Calendars (sports, grades, classes)
  • Simplify Parents’ evenings with appointment Slots
  • Resources – Laptop Carts / Rooms booking
Keep Your communications fresh with Google Sites
  • Public facing website – (Virtual art show or cultural fair)
  • Intranet – faculty and parent sites
  • Curriculum sharing
Revolutionize day to day with GOogle Drive
  • Docs Templates (letterheads, reports, etc)
  • Collaborate (lesson plans / meeting notes / lesson repository)
  • Save time with forms
Classroom integration and sites – Use Google Sites
  • Class Teacher Sites
  • Library and Technology sites
  • Students E-Portfolios or Project sites
  • recommendation - setup a teacher site template
Get conversations started on google groups
  • Online Discussion forums
  • Student Clubs
  • Project Work
Other Services
  • Blogger
  • Picasa
  • Google Voice- language learning – setup voicemail box for students to leave messages for teacher in language that is being studied
Explore and integrate the GOogle Apps Marketplace
  • Sliderocket – presentations re-invented
  • Easybib – Bibliographies, online notecards and research
  • AudioTool – Powerful online music production studio
  • Stupeflix – iMovie web-based – easy to use
  • Pixton – cartoon and comic creation (comic life replacement)
  • CHECK OUT – Education App Packs
  • Link other key solutions such as BlackBaud NetCommunity
  • Sync with existing LDAP – simplify user management – Sync onsite user management system
  • GAPS password sync
  • zero to web in 8 seconds
  • 1 to 1 without the 1 to 1 maintenance
  • Perfect fit for Google Apps
TOp 10 issues
  • Tedious manual setup of classrooms, groups and eportfolios
  • Ongoing class management effort
  • Share/Share/Share – Student info is not readily available to teachers
  • No birds-eye view of student activity
  • cannot ensure appropriate sharing and content & visibility of student materials
  • High PD costs (staff time and effort)
  • Hard to track/discourage bullying & abusive behavior with accounts
  • no full visibility
Teacher Dashboard by Hapara – Add-on to Google Apps for Education Gives teachers view into their students folders/docuements etc.
Revel for digital signage powered by Google Apps (Revel Digital) – Pulls from docs, picasa, Calendar and google sites announcements
Meraki – wireless solution that runs on the cloud
  • cloud-hosted controller architecture
  • web interface
  • User fingerprints
  • Application QoS
  • ‘Run your network from the cloud’
  • Integrates Google Apps
  • Web Access Splash Page
  • Coming – content filtering (is there an agent for offsite filtering?)
  • Meraki – Systems Manager – manages ipads/mobile devices – works with open dns – web filtering


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