CItrix Synergy – Best practices in delivering virtual desktops

Presenters: David Wagner – Product Manager, Michael Larkin – architect Personal vDisk overview and usage

  • Personal disk is used in pooled models to support users needing applications that are not in the base image.  This supports highly personalized models and generally helps to increase user acceptance.
  • PVD – adds customizations to dedicated desktops running off a base/gold image
  • Workflow for pvd desktop deployment: Common Base Setup>User Access>Image Update
  • Allows for updating the base image without affecting any user personalization.
  • Should PVD enabled desktops be deployed to everyone?  Short Answer: NO!  Balance needs with costs.

Excalibur will bring new features:

  • PvD driver re-architecture (released in 5.6.5)
  • Copy in write provides better app compatibility (TBD)
  • MCS Inventory automation
  • Dynamic PvD Space Allocation (5,6,5)
  • CtxPvDDiag (diagnostic tool) and better log files
  • Rules changes support in existing Vms
  • PvD run time performance and speed

The P: Drive – mount the personal vDisk as a HD on computer.  Could file sharing happen here?  This P disk could be used to limit install space for additional programs. User Environment

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